Hotels in Konark

Accommodation in Konark offers you immense comfort in the form of Luxury Hotels in Konark. There are numerous Budget Hotels in Konark as well that are ready to fascinate all types of tourists. And the most relaxing thing is that the hotels, resorts and other accommodation spots you are looking for in Konark are, to your surprise, located close to the enchanting attractions. Here is a list of resorts and hotels in Konark , delivering you the vast blend of luxury and comfort.


Toshali Sands

Luxury in the form of Four Star Toshali Sands Resort can be realized completely since there is nothing that you can’t find when you are in a search for your ..


Panthanivas Konark

Situated in the vicinity of the Sun Temple Konark, Panthanivas Konark is one of your Budget Hotels in Konark ..


Yatrinivas Konark

Plan you stay at Yatrinivas Konark and you can make your dream of visiting the Konark Temple and strolling over the beach of Chandrabhaga and enjoying its splendor..


Lotus Resort

Highlighted by the name of Goddess Ramchandi and ornamented by the convergence of Bay of Bengal and Kusabhadra River, Lotus Resort is close to the appealing..


Depending on your budget, timings and choice, you can easily book hotels in Konark or get affordable Konark hotel packages to make your journey cheaper and hassle-free.


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