Legends of Konark

There are many legends of Konark that tell us a lot about the construction, existence as well as the origin and history of Konark. The story related to how Dharampada sacrificed his life in order to bring peace and harmony to his community has been narrated many a times. Dharampada, the intelligent son of Bisu Maharana did a great job in providing an appropriate solution for timely completion of the temple work.

Another Konark legend talks about how Lord Krishna’s son Samba was finally saved from the harmful effects of the curse given by his father. It was the mercy of the Sun God that eventually allowed Samba to recover from the disease of leprosy. Samba’s mind then clicked with the thought of building a temple in Mitravana to give love and respect to the Sun god. And due to this legend of Konark, Mitravana has also acquired holy significance.

In addition to the above-mentioned Konark Sun Temple legends, there is another legend associated with it. It is believed that in the proximity of the holy site of Konark Temple, there was a pool in which once a stone was dropped by King Narsimha Deva and it was galloped by the Raghab Fish. On hearing this, the goddess Dhama got disturbed. She gave a suggestion to Sivai Santra to construct a temple by dropping stones from sides. Thus, the Sun temple is believed to have been built in this manner as well.

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