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  • Konark Dance Festival

    Visitors at Konark have more than one reason to celebrate because of the Konark Festival. Yes, their visit and sightseeing is not just restricted to the Sun Temple Konark or to the exquisite beaches or the resorts situated near to them. In fact, their visit to Konark in Odisha (Orissa), always have the possibility of enjoying the Dance Festival of Konark, especially when they reach Konark in Odisha (Orissa) in the month of December. Watching awesome classical dancers in their festive mood to show their love and respect to the Sun Temple Konark is undoubtedly real fun. Over the years, the dance academy of Guru Gangadhar Pradhan has continuously been coming up with this cultural festival to celebrate the honor of the Konark Sun Temple and it is one of the most fascinating and popular dance fastivals in India.

    The occasion is embellished with Kathak dance, Bharatnatyam dance, Chau dance as well as Manipuri dance and dancers from across India assemble to showcase their artistic talent to the spectators who have interest in the classical forms of dances. Apart from just appreciating the amazing dance, viewers have another option of having a stroll at the crafts mela. Yes, the crafts mela is a must visit place that has an array of ultifarious handmade items. And foodies also have the choice of satisfying their appetite with the delicious cuisines provided.

    Now, if you are captivated by this one of the festivals of Konark and wish to indulge in full groove, then plan your visit to Odisha (Orissa) in December and make sure to attend the Konark Dance Festival.

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