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  • Bhubaneswar - Temple City of India

    Tourist places in Bhubaneswar are numerous and they essentially add to the popularity of this city. Enjoy the modern essence of Bhubaneswar in the most exciting way as you have a lot to visit in this place.

    Bhubaneshwar is a place that can never be ignored when we talk about Odissa, Puri or Konark. Enriched with the history stretched over two thousand years, this city of temples� is extremely vibrant and its fame has increased with different names with which people refer to it. Be it Nagar Kalinga, Ekamra Kshetra or Toshali, every name adds to its beauty.

    The charm of this city is not restricted to the Bhubaneshwar tourist places. In fact you will find ample amount of greenery scattered over this city. Consisting of the structural design that was done by the architect named Otto H. Konigsberger, belonging to Germany, Bhubaneswar has acquired the modernity marking the contemporary time.

    You would come across exotic sculptures and intricate Kalinga architecture that amuses you completely. And because of the great popularity of this place and its surroundings, it comes at the top in the entire east India, especially when we count the number of tourists visiting Odisha (Orissa). People are also fascinated by the cultural festivals as well as 'melas'.

    This is the temple city has contributed to Bhubaneswar tourism enormously. There are two significant hills known as Khandagiri and Udayagiri that delineate Jain heritage. And the most interesting part is that the Jain monasteries located here belong to the 2nd century BC. Another place that comes under the most captivating tourist places in Bhubaneswar is the famous Lingaraj temple that belongs to the 10th or 11th century. One more thing that has boosted Bhubaneshwar tourism is the edicts at Dhauli Giri.

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