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  • Chilka Lake - Asia's largest natural brackish water lagoon / coastal lagoon in India

    Chilka Lake in Puri is renowned by its very name as this largest lagoon is provided by the nature to amuse the people coming to India from across the globe.

    Joining Daya River that makes its way towards the Bay of Bengal, you have Chilka Lake, the biggest lagoon with area encompassing Ganjam, Puri as well as Khurda. Rich in flora and fauna, Chilka Lake in Odisha (Orissa), provides a constant and safe accommodation to a variety of birds and animals. This Chilka Lake in Puri serves the fishing industry enormously. It helps in earning the bread for more than one lakh fishermen residing in the nearby villages and islands.

    The tourism of Chilka Lake gets a boost especially when birds from distant areas including Aral Sea, Caspian Sea as well as from South East Asia come to this destination in the season of migration. You would be more than amazed to see dolphins jumping into this lake. Adding to the endangered species that are saved by Chilka Lake, these dolphins are a part of 37 other species that dwell in this lake and its surroundings.

    The area of this Chilka Lake in Odisha (Orissa) differs in the summer and monsoon season. During summers, it remains till 906 square kilometers. On the other hand, in winters, it increases to 1165 square kilometers. Apart from fishes, there are crabs as well as sea weeds that enrich the diversity in this lake. To add to your information, we would like to tell you that Chilka lake tourism has acquired international significance and tourists from numerous parts of the world continue to feel immense joy in visiting here.


    Various types of animals and birds found near the Chilka Lake have always been a topic of exhaustive study for bird watchers. Representatives of the various groups of animal kingdom ensure their presence in the forests of Chilka Lake. These groups include Polyzoa, Porifera, Protozoa, Coelenterata, Isopoda, Echiura, Chaetognatha, Platyhelminthes, Insecta, Crustacea, Archinida and Mollusca to Fishes, Reptiles, Amphibians, mammals and birds.


    Greylag Geese, Jacana, white bellied sea eagles, purple moorhen, flamingos and herons are among the prominent species of birds found here. Chilka boasts to be the home to one of the world's largest breeding colonies of flamingos.


    As many as 158 species of fishes and prawns have so far been recorded in the region. Moreover crabs like Scylla Serrata and Neptunus Pelagicus are found in plenty. Innumerable amphibian reptiles like snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles are seen. Limbless Skinks has also been an amazing discovery in this area. Dolphins grow profusely in the water near Satapada-Magarmukha area and also between Kalijai and Balugaon. In addition to these, spotted deer, fox, jungle cat, hare, pachyura, bat, mongoose, squirrels, blackbuck, hyenas, monkeys and porcupine are some of the prominent species of animals are found here in the Chilka region.

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